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I would like to introduce a new Service to the rental homes & businesses of Door County.  
We offer whole-home sanitization with EPA approved products.

These products, when professionally sprayed, will sanitize and decontaminate every surface in your home and business. This includes comforters, pillows, bed frames, and mattresses. They can be run through your HVAC system to make sure even your air ducts are sanitized. This procedure will be especially useful for vacation rentals and hotels. This service will allow you to shorten your turnaround time and ensure the safety of your cleaning staff and arriving guests. The electrostatic nature of the charged particles sprayed in this process allows very quick and efficient sanitization that could never be achieved in any other cleaning process.

These cleaning products are being used around the world to sanitize hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, etc. They have been proven effective in killing bacteria viruses, mold and fungus. They are EPA approved in-home and safe for food surfaces. This is a highly effective, quick, and safe way to rid your home of viruses. The products are water-soluble and bio-degradable, leave no residue, and de-odorize your home instead of leaving fumes and chemical smell like most household cleaning products.

If you would like to schedule a consultation feel free to email, text or call anytime.

I am a Baileys Harbor resident and am fully certified and insured to apply these products in your home or business.

Bill Nyman

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Bill Nyman


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BeSure Services LLC
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Be Sure Services specializes in whole home and business sanitization in Door County.

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